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CNC Machine Design and Drafting Services

We at XL CNC machines also offer CNC machine design solutions, machine design and drafting services. Our team of highly experienced machine design engineers is fully equipped and capable to provide design solutions to all your CNC machine requirements.

We follow ‘DESIGN FOR EXECUTION’ principle. EXECUTION includes technically satisfying all the agencies taking part in planning, manufacture, quality control, assembly, testing, trials, packing, dispatch, safe material handling, transportation, installation, and maintenance etc., a full chain.

Commercial economy in all stages of execution is one of the necessary factors kept in front by the machine design services team. Our design team has exposure in all these activities to have a real touch feeling of the problems faced by these agencies in the process of executing the design.

Apart from designing alone, we can even prove our machine designs as we have our own manufacturing vertical as well. We have two verticals, Design and Manufacturing.

Manufacturing is headed by Mr. Mansoor A.W. who is a Mechatronics Engineer.

He looks after both Mechanical & Electronics production Departments.

Machine Design Service Expertise:

Design is headed by Mr. M.A. Khallaq. He is an Ex-HMT Designer (DGM) with over 50 years of experience in CNC machine design. He is having a life-time experience in the design of various kinds of machines listed below:


  • CNC Turning Centers, Turn Mill Centers
  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers and Horizontal Machining Centers
  • CNC/PLC Special Purpose Customized Machines (SPMs).


  • . Bellows Forming Machines, End Trimming Machines.
  • Bellows Re-rolling Machines
  • Stainless Steel Tube Mills


  • Manual and power work holding fixtures
  • Gearboxes for general and special customized applications
  • Accessories, Mechanisms for various applications.


He has practiced machine design right from 1970’s style of designing to today's style. We have a well-set and strong design team with all design tools like CAD etc. Our design team is waiting to hear from you today to discuss on your machine design requirements

Benefits of working with XL CNC Machines for CNC machine designs
  • We are well equipped to provide right from concept development, detailed design, and also assist till the complete machine is fully assembled.
  • Features such as real-time signal processing, I/O, real-time signal analysis, vision synchronized motion, remote monitoring and support, data logging and more are added in all the machines we design for our clients.
  • Our team works in sync with your team right from the beginning and through the entire development cycle to ensure every requirement is met and deliver only the best quality.

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