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Special Purpose Machines

We at XL CNC Machines manufacture and offer an extensive range of Special Purpose Machines (SPM) to meet the needs of our clients and also customize as per the requirements.
The SPM’s are designed and manufactured for most of the metal cutting operations like boring, grooving, milling, drilling, tapping and much more. Industries that we offer solutions for SPM is automobile, electrical, general engineering, defence and many more sectors.

Below is the list of SPM solutions that we offer to our clients:

  • Fine Boring Machine

    Machines for high precision boring with close tolerances

  • Boring & Grooving Machine

    Special purpose Machines for boring and grooving operations like circlip grooves, o-ring grooves using the U-Axis heads.

  • Multi Spindle Drilling Machines

    Drilling machine with multi spindle head for performing multiple drilling operations simultaneously in a component in a specific customised array.

  • Multi Spindle Tapping Machines

    Machine with multi spindle head for performing multiple tappings in a component simultaneously in as specific customized array.

  • Drilling SPM

    Special Purpose Machine to perform any drilling operation at high productivity rate.

  • Chassis Component Machine

    Machines to perform various operations on 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler chassi.

  • Facing & Centering Machine

    Special Purpose Machine to perform facing and centering on both sides of component simultaneously. Machine is useful in maintaining the length of compoenent and prepare the component for next set of operations.

  • Double Disc Milling

    Special purpose machine to perform milling operations on both sides of component simultaneously. Ideal for components where thickness or size of component has to be maintained like hydraulic pump bodies.

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